Patient Stories

Real Talk from Real Women With Metastatic Breast Cancer

A Story of Resilience From Rose, a Thriver Taking KISQALI

News of a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis can be an emotional blow that brings you to your knees. But if anyone knows what it’s like to get back up and keep going, it’s Rose. When her cancer returned as mBC, Rose was not going to let it make the rules. With the love and support of family and friends, Rose is taking KISQALI, and continuing the life she knows and loves.

A Story of Perspective From Lauren, a Thriver Taking KISQALI

Young families, successful careers, plans for the future – metastatic breast cancer can pull a dark shroud over your life. But you are not alone, and you are not without options. For Lauren, hope is a daily choice. Taking KISQALI, she has turned her greatest threat – a stage 4 diagnosis – into her greatest source of strength.

A Story of Strength From Dee, a Thriver Taking KISQALI

A metastatic breast cancer diagnosis is life changing. But you are not alone. There are other people, like Dee, who understand what you're going through. She was diagnosed stage 4 without any history of breast cancer, but she has always been able to find the positive in every situation. Now, Dee’s taking KISQALI, and she’s focused on living each day in the best way possible.

Real Talk From Real Women Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer

Hear straight from these women who have been in your shoes, each of them living with metastatic breast cancer. Watch to hear the advice they have for others who have been recently diagnosed with this condition. The women you're about to meet are not KISQALI patients.


Before her diagnosis at age 36, Andy had never heard the word "metastatic." Now, she had to come to terms with what it meant for her future as a young single woman.


Kim tells it like it is. See how her straightforward approach has made its mark on the way she’s managing her metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.